The Cuttlfish Story

CuttleFish is an species that inspires one to be on top on self defence and life hacking game in several ways.

Here’s why a Cuttlfish, inspires us:

It isn’t really a fish, but a mollusk. More related to octopus and squid.
Learning: No one should know that we are trained, we look simple yet always alert.

Shoot ink to ward off predators
Learning: We learn how to attack and escape

They can camouflage with a sophisticated ability to blend
Learning: Always merge in surroundings

Hypnotise prey with bright colours
Learning: Ability to talk through most situations without getting into any fight

Ability to transform the shape of entire bodies to match surroundings
Learning: Awareness of surrounding

Large brain and very advanced eye
Learning: Always stay alert and think of the best possible way

Wonder why we call it Cuttlfish and not Cuttlefish as we do not teach what’s of no use. Hence, even without an “e”, it still remains a Cuttlfish.

The Cuttlfish People

The Cuttlfish people are seasoned fitness and self-defence instructors with experience of training military, police, civilians, and corporates. Not just world class pedigree but Cuttlfish goes to the extent of ensuring that all our trainers are trained in managing people, First Aid, CPR, the list goes on.

  • Yashpal Singh Kalsi

    Chief Trainer, Cuttlfish

  • Shikher Gupta

    Founder and Trainer, Cuttlfish

  • Abhijit Basu Ball

    Pro-Bono Chief Fitness Evangelist

The Self Defence Lineage

Cuttlfish derives its decades of knowledge in self-defence from the lineage of Sanshinkan International Martial Arts, which is a leading name across the world for martial arts and selfdefence. Sanshinkan founded in 1968 by Tamas Weber who is one of the world’s top authorities on close combat training, Tamas served in in the French Legion and is a decorated military officer. Sanshinkan has a presence across 5 continents and is represented by senior martial artists in various countries. In India Sanshinkan is represented by Yashpal Singh Kalsi, who also is the Chief Trainer at Cuttlfish.

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