July 22, 2019

Are We Safe in Cabs?

App-based cab services have revolutionised the way people travel. Booking the cab through one’s smartphone at any time has convenience factor attached and that is why it is slowly becoming the most sought after mode of transportation. 

In the last few years, the biggest transport innovation in our country has been the introduction, growth and expansion of app-based cab taxi service. It is slowly turning into the best public transport option favoured especially by women, elderly and service sector employees. With the service available round the clock at a click of a button, people have even started to avail cab facility instead of using their car. There is no doubt that cabs are convenient, easy and comfortable to travel in comparison to other public transports like metro, bus, autos or rickshaws. 

Presently the cab services in our country are ruled by major brands like Ola and Uber. These multinational biggies began their operations in the country with the key aspect of safety as the top priority. Their marketing strategies revolved around the convenience and ‘Safety’ factor. But both of them have shown shortcomings in keeping their promises and have not been successful to keep up with their main selling point of safety. The cab service providers have commercialised and grown their services to the point of not having great control of service quality and eventually the safety of passengers. Over the past few years, several heinous cab incidents have occurred inside the cabs that belong to the brands like Ola and Uber

One main reason behind this is the lack of verification of drivers. With the focus shifting towards the quantity, these cab service providers are hoarding the roads with their cabs without checking on the backgrounds and history of drivers. This is the reason why the cab users have to bear the consequences of misbehaviour and in some case assault as well. Does this put a big question mark on whether we are safe in cabs or not?

In the recent past, many news articles revolved around the cab incidents which occurred in the country. Some of these which grabbed headlines was that of a cab driver raping women in Delhi while she was returning from Gurgaon (Uber), Srikant Goud being kidnapped by the cab driver who posed as Kanwariya. The kidnappers later demanded a ransom of Rs. 5 crores from his family and even from the Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal. Many cases of women molestation have also cropped up and some cases involve the traveller being foreign nationals too. These incidents are disturbing, to say the least. 

Such cab incidents reflect the many loopholes which are there in the cab service provider’s system. One of them being multiple unregistered cab drivers driving one registered cab. This is the reason why we aren’t driven by the same person whose photo we get when we book the cab. One can find many such faults from like Ola and Uber cab too

Despite knowing about how unsafe these cabs are, we are still using them on a daily basis and on odd hours as well. We cannot wait to get the security aspect of these services to getter stricter for us to travel in them again. That is why it is important to keep the security aspect in one’s own hand and ensure safe travel. It is important for travellers to take the necessary precautions while travelling in the cab. 

  • Avoid taking a taxi late at night when you’re drunk.

  • Look for the child lock in the car. Avoid getting into the car if you find anything fictitious. 

  • In case the driver gets any personal phone on his phone, listen and be alert about the conversation.

  • Irrespective of how tired you are or what time of day it is, never ever doze off in the cab. 

  • In case you find anything mischievous, make a call to your family and friends and inform them about your whereabouts. This will also act as a warning to the driver.


Apart from these tips, it is also very crucial in today’s time to be aware of what to do before sitting in cabs, which seat to choose and what to do if a driver misbehaves or in case of any unforeseen cab incident. The ‘Stay safe in Cabs’ is an online course offered Cuttlfish which helps every individual to know about safety while commuting in cabs. It's simple and teaches the techniques which can be practised by anyone irrespective of the size and gender. Enrol in the course now by clicking here.   


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