March 29, 2019

15 Minutes Every Day can Transform your Workplace

Did you know that Science now says that 15 minutes workout everyday can improve the health and overall fitness of your workforce, and it also offers some amazing benefits for your workplace.

Here are some key benefits :

People who workout together develop great camaraderie
The endorphin buzz that you get after the workout is pure mutual admiration, love and sweet, we mean sweat love, so the employees that will workout together will share great projects together resulting in great team environment.

Higher Energy Throughout the Day
While a longer workout is tiring and takes time to recover. At Cuttlfish, we figured out that 15 minutes is just the optimal time for a light yet high energy workout that brings the energy flow in body and it leaves a positive impact on the employees throughout the day, resulting in increased productivity.

Better Health
Regular workouts result in improved oxygen flow and overall improvement in health. A lot of time employees end up having stiff shoulders, back and knees due to lack of activity. A 15 minute everyday workout shrugs off these evils and starts developing a better and healthy organisation.

Fit Employees
A quick workout increases heart rate, oxygen uptake and hormone release which means the body burns fat faster and then metabolism goes up. Longer workouts often need a lot of care and nutrition to support them or it ends up eating on muscles as fuel.

Awesome Start or End to the Day at Work
Are your employees excited about starting work? chances are a lot of them are not. This gives you an opportunity to create an amazing work culture, where you either start the day on a high energy scientifically designed workout by Cuttlfish or end it on a high note. Your employees will love it and the organisation reaps the benefits.

Transform your workplace with Cuttlfish. Scientifically designed 15 minutes power workout outs which are fresh everyday.

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